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XONAO, the light luxury brand of ball bearing drawer slide!

We are a professional manufacturer integrating research & development, design, production and sales in ball bearing drawer slide.


The outside of the ball bearing drawer slide is rigid, but it will become a comfortable and quiet experience once integrated into 

life, thus improving the quality of human life.Since the establishment of XONAO brand, Mr. Zhang qingquan has adhered to the 

principle of quality priority and continuous innovation, aimed at the goal of internationally well-known brands, tamed cold steel into a 

series of excellent ball bearing drawer slides, and supplied to furniture manufacturers, kitchen cabinet factories, hardware distributors, 

and sold worldwide.


XONAO, uphold the " A little error may lead to a large discrepancy." quality management concept, strengthening the quality 

consciousness of all staff, strengthen the production site management, strictly control the product quality, optimizing the production 

process, improve the comprehensive competitiveness, as the world's biggest brand household manufacturers provide rich quality 

personalized service solutions, do household brand manufacturer and consumer's most trusted partner.


XONAO craftsmanship, master precision!

 XONAO feelings, quality feelings!


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