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Our standard is “Better than perfect”.That makes us all become detail-oriented. Therefore, every finished product is flawless as we are pursuing.

We focus on the polishing on each step, to become a producer with sentiments,faith, and positive attitude.
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Stand firm in innovation-driven development. Principle for R&D: “input according to demand”. We pay close attention to Industry trends , focus on technological innovation, provide customized and high-quality products. we are committed to creating a comfortable living environment and quality for human beings.
A perfect combination of Soft close and push-open, New frame structure, powerful technology.
Strong core damping technology brings smooth and stable movement, easy opening and quiet closing between, is the perfect annotation of exquisit life.
Multi-point positioning-Vibration safety design(VSD), Press any angle to open the drawer easily.Remarkable push-open performance that you will never forget.
Strong load capacity, unique internal structure, assure of security as an intergral characteristic.
Customized products,docking in the high-end market,elegant and reliable solutions which offer effortless operational comfort combined with statability.
Bayonet mounted series adopts to the requirements from metal furniture designer,to offer simple yet elegant solutions.
Comparing to side mounted, bottom mounted provide a special and smart solution for furniture.
Modern grace meets conventional functionality.We are so different,explore more in Xonao!
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